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Cloud PBX

Your Virtual PBX Solution!

  • The future in telecoms is here TODAY.
  • No onsite PBX needed
  • Fully-hosted and managed telephony service
  • Minimum capital outlay
  • Maximum flexibility
  • he solution based on the number of users (seats) you need; allowing you to add more when you need them.
  • Optimum control
  • A dedicated web portal controls system features for individual users & groups
  • Standard PBX features are included, PLUS exciting new features such as Outlook integration and web portal login
  • HUGE savings on all calls.

Discover the future in PBX technology

So you pick up the phone on your desk, and call your Sales Manager on his extension to get an update on the weekly figures. He decides he’d like to conference in the Marketing Manager on his extension, and the three of you have a fantastic conversation with a brand new idea that could take the market by storm.

Sounds like your normal phone system right?

It wasn’t. It was your Cloud PBX – your Sales Manager is in your London branch, but since you called him on his extension, the call was free, and your Marketing Manager, who operates out of Nottingham, wasn’t at his desk so the call diverted to his Mobile after five seconds, but you were still comfortable in the fact that you were paying the lowest rate around, and per second too.

Cloud PBX features

All the standard features of a traditional PBX are available, including:

  • Call Forwarding, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Follow Me, Conferencing, and all the normal bits & bobs.
  • A Digital Receptionist (IVR/Auto-attendant) may not be the eye-candy the sales team was hoping for, but it’s built in and efficient as anything.
  • Voice mail with email integration – it’s so cool, it emails your voice mails to you, so you can pick them up on your mobile mail if you want to, or not, as you like.
  • Seamless computer integration – that’s like selecting an email on your PC, it picks up the number itself, you hit call, and it connects the call from your phone for you. Seriously!
  • Self service – manage your own infrastructure via your very own web interface.

Cloud PBX benefits

Where it really kicks A**

  • Multi-branch environments become ‘like one’ with everything – all internal company calls are like just to another extension and that like means they’re free!
  • One phone system means maybe just one reception across all branches, and one extension no matter what branch you’re in.
  • Rolling blackouts are apparently in fashion again this year, so why not take your extension home with you?
  • Lower call costs are always in style!
  • No system costs, how slick is that?
  • Proof of concept, arrange a demo today and save a small fortune