Phone Payments

Accept card payments for customer not present transactions

Accept Card Payments Over The Phone and Increase Takings & Profit.

  • Increase sales by taking payments over the phone
  • Just enter card details – very simple to use
  • Process payments quickly – Serve more customers in less time

Accept Card Payments Over The Phone and Increase Takings & Profit.

Many types of businesses benefit from accepting card payments over the phone. Allow your customers to provide their card details over the phone for secure processing with either a card terminal or a virtual terminal. A card machine can have CNP or “Customer Not Present” payments enabled, otherwise a Virtual Terminal provides the same functionality.


Both solutions allow you to enter in your customers long card number, expiry date and 3 digit code to securely process a payment. No card details are stored by yourself or the device, giving customers extra peace of mind that everything is 100% secure.

Accept payments over the phone with a virtual credit card terminal

Accepting phone payments with a Virtual Terminal

A VT or virtual terminal is a great solution for businesses such as call centres that want to take card payments from customers but don’t have a need to an actual card machine. The Virtual Terminal provides the same functionality and security as a physical card machine, but is accessed via any internet enabled web browser.

Take Phone Payments Quickly

Accept phone payments very quickly with the Virtual Terminal solution from eRMS. Not only simple to use but the eRMS Virtual Credit Card Terminal is also very cost effective, adding an extra element of professionalism to any business wanting to take card payments over the phone.

Accept Payments Over the Phone – Customer Not Present

  • Boost Sales – Additional Revenue Stream
  • Keep Customers Happy & Avoid Abandoned Orders
  • Serve More Customers in Less Time

There are many advantages to accept payments from your customers when they are not present, such as over the phone. Serve more customers in less time, take more money by boosting sales and avoid abandoned orders by enabling customer not present transactions on your credit card terminal.

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