WI-FI Marketing Buddy for Restaurants

Offering a free Wi-Fi hotspot in your venue is a huge benefit to your venue and the customer. They are provided with an incentive which may get them to stay longer, it also provides the possibility of a mention on popular social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Wireless marketing offers an excellent service which can gather extremely valuable marketing data and bring it right to your finger tips!

Wireless Marketing Features:

You gain vital statistics on that customer such as how many visits they have made to your venue, how much time they spend using your hotspot, and most importantly: direct links to their social media.

If a customer does not use any social media. We still have you covered! A micro-survey can be filled out if needed. This builds a profile of the user through a form customized by you to gain more relevant data about them.

Wireless marketing provides a simple but powerful marketing platform. You can send more effective and personalized promotional content to the customer through email or even a direct Facebook message!

Particularly in a restaurant, this service fits in perfectly. A customer can visit your venue, have a seat and enjoy the complimentary Wi-Fi. Straight away this is already increasing your customer satisfaction. They may proceed to tell family and friends where they are, in turn spreading awareness of your establishment snapping pictures on the excellent food they have ordered.

The initial set-up of the wireless marketing service can be accomplished by us!