Cloudselect Hybrid IAAS

CloudSelect™ Hybrid IaaS

Is your business looking for a way to get more out of its existing hosting system without investing a large amount upfront or taking the full leap into cloud computing?

With Daisy’s CloudSelect™ Hybrid IaaS you can add a cloud platform to your existing system, extending the life span of your equipment while experiencing the advantages of the latest in hosting technology.

The name ‘CloudSelect™ Hybrid IaaS’ may sound technical but don’t let it scare you off, we have the expertise to deal with all the technical bits, so you can simply get on with business. Using a mixture of traditional hosting and cloud services, we can move your business applications in manageable stages. This means your business no longer has to worry about hardware upgrades and the associated costs. Services and applications can simply be moved into the cloud either when systems reach the limits of their designed capacity or at the end of their lifecycle.

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Why Daisy CloudSelect™ Hybrid IaaS?

Industry Expertise

We have the skills and experience to provide your business with a cloud migration plan to suit your budget and capabilities

Best-of-breed partners

All elements of our solution have been handpicked through our relationships with some of the industry’s best available hardware and software manufacturers

Our network

We own the network between data centres, so we can manage the connection right from the source all the way to your site

Our own staff

Data centres are managed around the clock by our fully trained engineering, network and management teams. There are no third parties involved

Secure data centres

Your data is stored in a highly secure, UK-based Tier III+ facilities

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