SDSL Business Broadband

Get much higher upload speeds

Keep ahead of the game and enable your business to take advantage of advances in cloud computing and video conferencing.


Increasingly, new technology requires higher upload speeds than traditional ADSL lines can offer – SDSL gives you a stable platform to progress with symmetrical up and down speeds.

Get better performance from your connection

Unlike some older ADSL technologies, you won’t be sharing your line with up to 50 other users. Contention ratios for SDSL lines depend on your exchange but will never exceed 10:1, meaning you’re getting up to 5 times better performance than your current ADSL line.

The Legal Bits 

The number of users is for indicative purposes only and depends on the type of business you run. Some users and businesses require greater bandwidth and this may reduce the number of users that can be supported.
*Speeds quoted depending on the location and the package taken, higher bandwidth may be possible, however to make relevant comparisons a high average is being used

Why use our Data Connectivity Solution?

Business Only Network

Our network is optimized for business applications, ensuring speeds won’t be affected by any consumer activity.

24/7/365 Support

Our impressive SLAs ensure that in the unlikely event of an issue, we can fix it quickly and with minimal disruption.


Our scalable packages grow alongside your business, enabling us to continuously optimize your connectivity needs.

National Network

Our UK-wide network ensures you receive a fast, reliable and cost-effective internet connection wherever you are.

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