Daisy Leasing Solutions

Daisy Leasing Solutions

Daisy offer a range of flexible leasing options for companies looking to upgrade their ageing or obsolete telecoms equipment to the latest technology helping you to stay ahead of your competition.


Leasing can be a cost effective way to finance your Telecoms equipment and requires no up-front capital outlay.


Leasing and finance options can also provide your business with a wide range of business benefits, from taxation savings and budgetary control to maintaining existing lines of credit or working capital.


Finance options start from as little as £1000 with no upper ceiling. We’ll manage your finance requirements completely, making the whole process hassle-free.

What is Leasing?

Whether you’re starting or expanding a business, cash is often in short supply or has been allocated to profit making activities. One way to save your cash flow is to lease equipment instead of buying it.



  • Improved Cash Flow – Instead of one substantial payment, the cost of the acquisition is spread over a number of regular payments. These payments can be set to match individual requirements.
  • Fixed Payments – Payments are fixed for the term of the contract. Customers are protected from changing interest rates, enabling accurate budgeting and cash flow projections.
  • Cost Efficient – It’s advantageous to pay for technology over the period that the asset of system is delivering benefit to the business. Payments can be structured so that they match the realisation of the benefits in terms of increased income or cost savings.
  • Payment Profiles – Payment profiles can be structured to meet budgets, roll-out schedules and/or cash flow requirements.
  • Tax Advantages – Leasing payments may be offset against tax.



When it comes to tax benefits, there is no doubt that you are significantly better off by choosing to lease. When you purchase outright, although you do get some tax relief, it is much less than the allowances you receive on a lease arrangement.
All rental payments are 100% allowable against tax, unlike other methods of acquisition, such as cash purchase for example, where only 25% of the price may be offset against tax in the first year.


Equipment Changes – Technology can be refreshed allowing flexibility to upgrade ageing equipment for more technically advanced products.
Choose The Equipment Needed – When leasing, you are not limited to acquiring the equipment you can afford to pay at the time. Monthly or quarterly payments enable you to select the equipment that is most beneficial for your business.
All policies are underwritten by Daisy’s approved leasing partners

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