Co-location Hosting

Daisy Co-Location Hosting

Highly secure hosting environment,
alleviating strain on your resources

Space and power

Daisy offers a blend of quarter, half or full cabinet and power density options – allowing us to address basic needs or the more demanding specifications of higher density, blade servers.


Providing continuous and conditioned power to your equipment, redundancy is built into our delivery and distribution systems. Each data centre utilises Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS) systems and standby generators.

Network and connectivity

Daisy offers a variety of bandwidth options delivered across our high capacity, fully redundant, low latency network, meaning we can connect you to your users and customers anytime, anywhere.


Through a dedicated 100Mb Ethernet connection directly into your rack, you are able to choose from 2Mbps to 1Gbps options. Our dedicated bandwidth services allow you to scale up your bandwidth to up to twice your contracted volume. Simply ask your account manager for the 95th percentile option when contracting your service.

Security and access

Daisy delivers a range of mission-critical security services, providing state-of-the-art managed firewalls, intrusion detection and protection against Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS), protecting your assets from potential malicious attacks.


With data centres based purely within the UK, you can visit as often as you like, subject to our standard security clearances and procedures. This means that you must give us notice of a visit in advance and bring suitable identification with you. A Daisy engineer will accompany you to and from your racks and through our CCTV system the whole visit will be monitored.

Remote Hands
Remote hands services offer you the opportunity to use Daisy’s data centre staff to carry out certain tasks on your behalf. Available services include:


  • Power cycling of equipment
  • Restarting servers
  • Cable organisation, ties or labelling
  • Button pushing
  • Observing, describing or reporting on machine indicator lights or display infomation
  • Media insertion
  • Managed reboot and file system check
  • Escorting parties to and from customer racks

Collocation Options

  • 8, 16 and 32 amp full rack options
  • Additional power is available
  • Dedicated bandwidth from 2Mbps up to 1Gbps
  • 99.97% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for service availability on network and power
  • 24/7/365 technical support and remote hands
  • Resiliency available on all components


Calls between 8am-10pm Monday to Friday and 9am-9pm Saturday and Sunday, are handled by the technical support team. Calls outside these hours are routed to the Network Operations Centre (NOC), which will then engage appropriate support escalation paths within the data centres.


Your space should be delivered, live and available for use within five working days. Our data centre staff will be on hand to provide you with the support you need to move your equipment into our data centres.