What is Cloud Computing?

What is cloud computing?

Cloud computing has introduced a whole new consumption and delivery model for ICT services, removing the upfront costs and delays often involved in the IT supply chain.


With cloud computing you have immediate access to a vast pool of resources – including compute, storage, networks and applications – all available for use on a utility-charged basis.
With cloud computing you are able to choose from the best network, operating system and memory solution to build a virtual network to suit your business.
With cloud computing you have the option to choose a hosting solution that best applies to your business – private, public or hybrid.
A private cloud enables your business to have access to its own dedicated servers, the equivalent of 70 virtual machines, which are stored within our network of data centres.
The public option describes the sharing of hardware with other customers, and the hybrid cloud provides you with the option of having a combination of the two.

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