WI-FI Marketing Buddy

3X More Successful than forms

Collect the data of every customer who walks through your door!

WI-FI Marketing  provides the capability to collect accurate customer data via guest Wi-Fi solutions, offering huge benefits to businesses such as restaurants and hotels 

Improve the power of data
& grow your business 

We offer a simple solution, customers can access guest Wi-Fi via their social media, giving you a great way of collecting data which has been proven to be 3 times more acurate than data collected via a registration form

Wi-Fi Marketing Facts & Figures

Running in 74 Countries Worldwide

809 Million Devices analysed for behaviour

17K Venues with awesome Wi-Fi

Discover  who your customers are

Simple Wi-Fi access is just the start.Connecting this way offers you a wealth of data, which includes social profiles.

Create bespoke communications

Communicate effectively with your customers and send relevent, targeted messages depending on the situation.

Powerful Integration

We  have  integrations with the following leading email platforms

WI-FI Marketing works for any business sector

Find out how we can help yours



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