WI-FI Marketing Buddy for shops and retail

Imagine a shopping mall or retail park there are plenty  of people glued to their phones as they move from shop to shop. Imagine giving  these people free Wi-Fi to capture their data, this will allow you to  target them with deals and special offers while they’re still in the shops themselves.


Imagine a Wi-Fi system that enabled you to send friendly messages, updates and offers to every customer who uses it. You can do this while they are on site AND long after their visit to encourage them to return.


What’s more, the system also makes sure that your customers give your shop(s) or shopping center a Facebook ‘Like’ and / or a Twitter ‘Follow’, so promoting you to all their friends and family.

Wireless Marketing Buddy Features:

  • Give your customers a reason to log onto your Wi-Fi. Once they have used it you can harness their social profile details – they’ll automatically ‘like’ and ‘share’ or ‘follow’ your business, whilst sending your tailored communication to all of their friends and family.
  •  invite people to connect to your Wi-Fi in exchange for a discount e.g. 10% discount when they spend over £20.
  • send customers vouchers to entice them to come to your shop instead of your nearest competitor!