WI-FI Marketing Buddy for Pubs and Nightclubs

Pubs and Nightclubs  are the perfect opportunity for Wi-Fi. Customers are always coming and going, sharing their photos, and checking in to Facebook.Why not make the most of it and capture their data while they browse. This will give you  relevant information for you to use to entice them back.


The average bar or nightclub has thousands of unique customers every month. Imagine being able promote directly to them while they are enjoying a drink. WI-FI Marketing Buddy   also enables you to gather their social media information so you can then promote to them and their friends long after their visit. 

Wireless Marketing Buddy Features:

  • Invite people to use your Wi-Fi by offering a free shot when they log on – they’ll ‘Like’ or ‘Follow’ your business and let all of their friends know about the great offer you are running.
  • Invite your customers to parties, celebrations, land other special events via social media
  • Encourage your guests to take pictures and then interact with their friends through Social Media.
  • Gather 100’s of new profiles every week for your exact target audience – and then let them tell all of their friends about it.
  • If your bar overlooks an outdoor area where people gather you can broadcast your signal and promote to anyone who logs on to your free Wi-Fi. This can work brilliantly for bars located in a town or market square or next to a beach, promenade, gardens or a park