Dedicated Servers

Our Dedicated Server packages are designed to meet the needs of your business now, and most importantly, as your business grows. From the outset, we can help you choose the level of service that suits your needs. Daisy’s Dedicated Servers provide your business with the infrastructure to support your web presence and data requirements easily and quickly.
Our Dedicated Server solution is a family of best-of-breed server offerings that provides smaller organisations with a reliable, cost-effective service that eliminates the need to maintain in-house staff and facilities, and makes professional data centre facilities available to businesses of all sizes.
Designed for organisations that need a hosting platform but lack the time, resources or expertise to effectively implement, support and manage their hosting initiatives 24 hours a day.


You don’t have to outlay initial capital to buy a server. We make your business budgets go further compared to hosting in-house, by spreading your payments, future proofing your platform, and including a range of additional services.


Peace of mind that our Dedicated Server solution flexibly meets your needs, by offering a choice of hardware specifications and operating systems.


We provide a 99.99% availability Service Level Agreement with 4 hour hardware replacement and 24/7×365 support as standard.


Dedicated Servers are all housed in our own Daisy data centres which are Tier II/III facilities with superior resilience on power, cooling and security. In turn, the data centres are connected to Daisy’s highly resilient national fibre network which gives you faster response times.


Additional Dedicated Servers can be easily and quickly added.

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