WI-FI Marketing Buddy for Hotels

Your hotel most likely has a widespread internet WI-FI system to reach all areas of your property inside and out. We install highly effective WI-FI Marketing  devices that plug right into your existing Router. You won’t need to replace your current internet router or ISP (internet service provider). Our system quickly converts the free WI-FI you give out into a customer lead, which  gathers marketing information via splash pages linked with social medias such as Facebook and Twitter.
WI-FI Marketing Features 

Potential interaction from guests over many hours allowing you to upsell during their stay, such as:

  • Offering drinks or meal promotions in your bar or restaurant
  • Offering vouchers for future repeat stays
  • Reminding guests to promote your property to their friends and to leave reviews on Trip Advisor
  • promotion to all the like minded friends of your guests every time they use the service.

Most accommodation providers generate more than 50% of their business from repeat guests. WI-FI Marketing gives you the amazing opportunity to communicate with everyone who uses your Wi-Fi long after their stay. You could…

  • Send guests a voucher through the system to their social media account so that all of their friends can see it.
  • Each one of your guests has an average of 190 friends who are interested in similar things. You can promote to them without having to spend thousands on advertising or booking commissions.
  • Send offers and details of local events to entice your customers to come and stay more often!
  • Encourage your local restaurants and attractions to use our service and then you can all help to promote each other…