Fiber Optic Broadband

State of the art superfast broadband ensures speeds, consistency and productivity. Enjoy superfast broadband speeds that will allow your business to work more effectively and smoothly.

Superfast broadband uses a fibre optic cable to carry the broadband signal for the majority of its journey so you get a much faster service. The combination of fibre and copper allows superfast broadband to be delivered to your business.Superfast Broadband is ideal for firms that require high bandwidth at an affordable price. Ideal for sending and receiving, large documents and files, or connecting sites that use an integrated system.

Sit back and relax and let the HIT Squad help you get the fastest connection possible.

 Our Fibre Packages

  • Business pro+ unlimited 12 month

  • £21/mo
  • ADSL2+

  • Purchase
  • Business pro+ unlimited 24 & 36 month

  • £17/mo
  • ADSL2+

  • Purchase
  • Advanced Plus Unlimited 12 month

  • £35/mo
  • FFTC 38mps

  • Purchase
  • Advanced Plus Unlimited 24 & 36 month

  • £29/mo
  • FTTC 38mps

  • Purchase
  • Advance Plus Unlimited 12 month

  • £42/mo
  • FTTC 76mps

  • Purchase
  • Advance Plus Unlimited

  • £35/mo
  • FTTC mps

  • Purchase


What is Fibre broadband

Fibre Broadband is made up of fibre optic cables which offer some of the fastest broadband speeds available. Unlike copper cables used for standard ADSL broadband, fibre optic cables use thin strands of glass to transmit information at the speed of light.
With Fibre optic Broadband you will have a faster and more reliable connection that will allow you to achieve download speeds of up to 38Mbs on our Fibre Medium package and up to 76Mbs on Fibre Large. Unlike regular broadband, streaming HD videos, downloading files as well as uploading photos will never be a problem as with our Fibre service the whole family can enjoy surfing the internet at the same time without slowing the service down.

Can I get Fibre

The Fibre network is growing! Two thirds of UK homes will be able to get Fibre by Spring 2014.

How long will it take for Fibre broadband to be up and running

Your service can take up to 10 working days from the date you placed the order before you go live.

When will i be told about my Fibre Broadband engineer appointment

You will receive your Fibre installation appointment date when you place your order. We will send you e-mail and SMS appointment reminders two days before your installation date.

Why do you charge line rental for broadband

Line rental is the cost that all phone and broadband providers charge for an active phone line into your home.

Some providers use phone lines that are owned by BT which can mean higher line rental.  We own our network and that’s why we can offer such great value broadband and competitive priced line rental. You could save even more by taking our annual Value Line Rental.

How much can i download?

As much as you want! Our Fibre packages has an unlimited download allowance giving you access to as much music, film and TV as you like.

Can I keep my phone number?

Yes, most customers can keep their existing phone number. If you need a new phone line installed at your premises, then we will provide you with a new phone number.

What happens if i'm switching from another broadband provider?

Switching Fibre Optic providers couldn’t be easier. All you need to do is choose the package you want and we take care of the rest. Your old service will be cancelled as soon as your new service starts so there wont be any overlap and you wont be double charged. your previous provider will credit you for any unused line rental.