Multi-Layered Security for Business

The next generation of IT security is delivering highly evolved, multi-layered defences against known, unknown and advanced threats. By addressing threats at all levels of IT infrastructure, multi-layered security reduces the probability of any attack being successful – where one line of defence is breached, there is always another.


Kaspersky solutions are designed with the flexibility to align with your business objectives. This means they are always on standby to protect your organisation against threats to your physical and virtual endpoints, your mobile devices. your mail systems, servers, gateways, and SharePoint portals.


Kaspersky Lab products for business are designed for businesses of all sizes, from networks that comprise only a handful of workstations to the most complex corporate networks. Advanced scalability combined with support for all types of endpoints and platforms ensure their solutions cope successfully with even the most challenging and dynamic network structures.

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Kaspersky Small Office Security
Kaspersky Small Office Security provides maximum security with minimum fuss. Developed specifically to meet the needs of small businesses, it also delivers multiple layers of protection in one simple to use package.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud
Developed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses, Kaspersky Endpoint Security Cloud lets you manage security for multiple endpoints, mobile devices and file servers remotely, from anywhere.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security For Business
Administrators can see, control and protect their IT environment with Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business. Tools and technologies are uniquely balanced across progressive tiers to meet your evolving security and IT needs. Kaspersky can make your job easier.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Select
Kaspersky’s ‘Select’ tier includes mobile device deployment and protection via MobileDevice Management (MDM) and mobile anti-malware. Endpoint control tools (web, device and application) help your organisation enforce IT policy, keeping the essential elements of your IT environment secure.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Advanced
Kaspersky’s Advanced tier delivers the protection and management solution your organisation needs to enforce IT policy, keep users free from malware, prevent data loss, and enhance IT efficiency.
Kaspersky Endpoint Security for Business – Total
Kaspersky Total Security for Business delivers the most complete platform of protectionand management offered in the industry today. Total Security for Business secures everylayer of your network and includes powerful configuration tools to ensure your users areproductive and free from the threat of malware regardless of device or location.
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization
Kaspersky Security for Virtualization — built for the unique requirements of virtualized IT environments — delivers award-winning anti-malware protection for virtualized servers, desktops and data centers.
Kaspersky Security Solutions for Enterprise
Kaspersky Lab solutions provide prediction, prevention, detection and response capabilities across a variety of enterprise infrastructure segments and emerging technologies: endpoints, online and mobile, virtual infrastructure, data centers, industrial control systems, and more.
Kaspersky Security for Mobile
Kaspersky Security for Mobile helps to eliminate the security breaches that can result from enabling mobile access to your corporate systems. Even if an employee loses a mobile device, you can still prevent access to your business data. Furthermore, in-built mobile device management (MDM) helps you to cut costs and reduce the load on IT administrators.
Kaspersky DDoS Protection
To defend your business against DDoS attacks, you need a solution that detects attacks as rapidly as possible. Kaspersky DDoS Protection fights attacks on two fronts: via DDoS intelligence and Kaspersky’s special defense infrastructure.