Smart Home Solution

Smart Home Automation System

Hughes Info Tech  has launched a new generation of home network system. It integrates the control of lights, curtains, home appliances and security alarms.
Home network system emphasizes the people-oriented concept,and pays attention to the high degree of harmony between people and our living environment.
Also, it fully meets the needs of safety, comfort and environmental protection in modern life while controlling indoor living environment at your pleasure.


Our Controller will bring your home automatic integration with smart home systems and security systems,


Our repeater modules will control on/off functions of TV,air conditioning,refrigerators,washing machines, air purifiers and other home appliances.

Infrared Controller

our infrared controllers can make terminal devices turn the instruction into an infrared signal which can control the appliances in your home.

Intelligent Terminal

Our intelligent terminals can bring you a faster responce and smoother page transitions.